Odion Ighalo has said that he hopes to get more young footballers through the Odion Ighalo Academy and help them into becoming professionals.

Ighalo said this at the tenth edition of the Odion Ighalo Street carnival which held in Ajegunle last Sunday.


The idea of the carnival is to help inspire more people from the streets to become distinguished entrepreneur in their various fields, to shun drugs, violence, cyber crimes and embrace hard work and discipline.



Ighalo visited each home on the street of Salami in Ajegunle where he grew up and also greeted some of the people that watched him grow into becoming a professional footballer.



Ighalo has been able to sponsor at least 35 people from Salami street to become established entrepreneurs on their own including fashion designers, photographers, hair stylists amongst others.



While giving his speech at the carnival on Sunday, Ighalo inspired the youth to shun drugs and violence: “Everyone does not have to become footballers, some are destined to be distinguished fashion designers, artistes, politicians etc.


In his words, time and chance happen to everyone, everyone is going to make it at the appointed time set by God. “God made me who I am today, without him, I can do nothing.



“I was not the best footballer when I was chosen to go for trials but it was God’s grace that took me to where I am today.”



He inspired the young ones not to neglect God in the days of their youth and also promised to continue supporting the youth on the streets.



The Super Eagles returnee also sympathized with the families that have lost loved ones of recent.


Here are some pictures from the event..

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